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Posted on October 25, 2012 by Tina Royles

It the was clear to see on Saturday night the impact that Domestic Violence still has on X Factor sensation Jahmene Douglas, he is a very anxious and vulnerable young man; who has relied on his love for singing as his coping mechanism.

News had broken earlier that day of how Jahmene’s mother has suffered years of domestic violence from Jahmene’s father, resulting in a horrific incident in 2002.
Jahmene has voiced that he will use his new found profile to raise awareness of domestic violence, and it appears from the article link below that his mother is also following suit, raising awareness and also attempting to raise funds for Women’s Aid who provided refuge accommodation for victims and children of domestic violence who need emergency accommodation.

As a former trustee of two women’s aid refuges and as a former police domestic violence officer who worked very closely with women’s aid, I know only too well of their plight of constantly seeking funding for such as serious and vital services.
Lets hope the profile of women’s aid is raised sufficiently once more, in order that financial support is gained on a more permanent basis to help other victims of domestic violence who so desperately need the refuges spaces.

My thoughts go out to Jahmene, his mother and the rest of his family, and also to other victims of domestic violence who suffer at the hands of violent and abusive partners and parents.

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Posted on October 17, 2012 by Tina Royles

What an honour it is to have been asked by Women’s Own Magazine as part of their 80 year birthday edition dated 22nd October 2012 feature on “80 years that have changed our lives” to comment on the 1990’S Say no to domestic violence.

Women’s Own have a massive audience, therefore for them to incorporate domestic violence into their feature shows how important the issue of domestic violence is, and also what great steps – life changing steps have been made in trying to address such a complex issue, however we still need to do more, and I for one will keep driving forward to make a difference and to raise awareness for those involved to seek the help that they need.

See the feature below:


Tina Royles Domestic Violence Expert comment in Women’s Own Magazine


Tina Royles Domestic Violence Expert comments on 1990’s Say no to domestic violence


Womens Own: 80 years that have changed our lives

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Posted on October 17, 2012 by Tina Royles

The Justin Lee Collins Domestic Violence Harassment Case has been a topic for media conversation over the last few weeks in the build up to the hearing at St Alba
ns Crown Court in Hertfordshire.

The jury ruled that Collins had carried out a campaign of domestic violence against his ex girlfriend Anna Larke, but despite this even though Judge John Plumstead stated that the case was “a serious matter. its serious because any violence in a relationship where people should be able to rely on each other is a breach of trust” the possible sentence of five years imprisonment was not given, but Collins who ex wife Karen spoke as his character witness, received the sentence of carrying out a period of community service.
Upon giving the sentence Judge Plumstead stated “The humility that manual work should induce will make you pause to think about what you have done”

REALLY – Is that what it takes to change a convicted perpetrators behaviour, who has pursued a continued reign of harassment over a period of time.

It really isn’t a great message to send out to any victim of domestic violence.

Good on Anna Larke for continuing with her complaint through the police and the courts, as I am sure she faced great pressure not to continue, and lets hope with the support of her family, and the motivation to want to help other victims of domestic violence and raise the awareness domestic violence, and lets hope that through the assistance of Public Relations Guru Max Clifford who is representing Anna Larke, that she is able to project that message and raise awareness to maximum effect.

When a Celebrity Story or a High Profile Case where Domestic Violence or elements of Domestic Violence such as Harassment are present, it grabs the attention of the media, there is no dispute that it is sad that this case had to happen in the first place, but what it does is bring with it a media frenzy, and Domestic Violence is placed under the spotlight; and a positive aspect to this is that it gives some victims the strength to speak out and voice to others what they have or are experiencing.

A story such as this also encourages some perpetrators of domestic violence to seek help for their violence and abuse.

Any media attention that might be the catalyst for either victims or perpetrators of domestic violence to seek help is a positive one.

My piece in the Daily Mirror Wednesday 10th October 2012, in relation to the Justin Lee Collins Story is as follows:



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Posted on September 18, 2012 by Tina Royles

Vogue Hommes International Magazine front cover has lead to an outcry amongst domestic violence and women’s rights advocacy groups as the front cover shows two models; one woman and one male on first glance in a supposedly provocative sexual pose, but once your eyes focus it shows the male standing behind the woman with his left hand grasping her left breast with his right arm coming up underneath her right arm with his right hand clutching her neck as if in a choking position with his eyes closed appearing to lick her left ears in a sexual manner as if receiving sexual gratification from the whole episode.

The woman’s eyes are open, and her expression appears cold and distant as if not experiencing any enjoyment from the episode.

So what are domestic violence and women’s rights groups voicing about the front cover of this exclusive magazine…well this is what they are accusing the magazine of `glorifying violence against women as an act of love`, and also suggesting `Choking is not a fashion statement, and certainly not something that should be used to sell magazines`

Click on the link here to see the front cover for yourself and let me know your opinion or thoughts?


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Posted on October 26, 2011 by Tina Royles

The Government are looking into new proposals around domestic violence, where individuals would be able to find out whether their partner has a history of violence and abuse.

The Home Secretary Theresa May is launching a consultation to establish how such a disclosure scheme might work.

The consultation suggests three possible options:
1 Process to stay the same……therefore no right to know.
2 People having a `right to ask` about their partners history.
3 Introducing a `right to know` where the police may informed partners under 
 certain circumstances.

Both 2 and 3 would be formally written into legislation which would be a huge step forward.

However the `certain circumstances` unless specifically detailed or clear, would lead to an element of discretion perhaps which wouldn’t be helpful for some, because at present the police have powers under common law in disclosing information around someones previous convictions but if this happened with any consistency there wouldn’t be a need for new legislation!

The new proposals are thought likely to be known as Clare’s Law.

Clare Wood from Salford was strangled by George Appleton in February 2009. Appleton had a history of violence against women; including harassment and threats to kill.
The consultation period concludes on 13th January 2012.


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