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Linzi Ashton Domestic Violence Murder in Salford -Greater Manchester Police hunt for who they are indicating is the suspect ex partner Michael Cope
Tina Royles MA – Domestic Violence Expert ( comments:
“Not a day goes by lately without an incident of domestic violence or a debate about it hitting the news – whether thats to do with police failings, whether its to do with new guidelines, whether its a campaigner or politician speaking about it, or an academic coming up with new theories – but in my opinion underneath it all what it comes down to is the stark reality that any domestic violence incident can end in a fatality.
What has been highlighted in the news reports is that Linzi Ashton had been in a relationship with Michael Cope for only three months, and yet reports had been made a number of times to Greater Manchester of domestic violence. What action or interventions were initiated? Had Linzi’s circumstances been the subject of the DASH Risk Assessment Model, how many risk markers were identified? Did her circumstances meet the points criteria that Salford Domestic Abuse Partnership Agencies need to be activated in order for a referral to be made through to the MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference).

If it had been referred through to a MARAC – was an IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advocate) assigned. If one was assigned then surely that advocate or another professional would have as standard best practice highlighted to Linzi the fact that risk increases when a perpetrator is told the relationship is over.
If Linzi wasn’t the subject of a MARAC, what action did the Police take, what information was given to Linzi i.e support agencies, what information was given around domestic violence, what referrals were made to children’s services. Does Michael Cope have previous history of Violence with other previous partners – Greater Manchester Police are one of the Pilot Forces for Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme following Clare’s Law (Clare Wood was murdered by her ex partner George Appleton.

Time and time again we hear of fatalities, key agencies and politicians seek advice from ‘Experts’ in domestic violence, and amend policies/procedures based on this advice, they buy in these ‘Experts’ training and packages………..but STILL the incidents keep happening and STILL the FATALITIES CONTINUE……

Domestic violence is complex, and no one case is exactly the same, emotions are also involved, people don’t fit nice and neatly into a criteria or box that can be worked rigidly towards, but even more worrying is are we as professionals making dealing with it even more complex and complicated – because often victims don’t feel they get the appropriate support, therefore they often stop asking for it.

Linzi Ashton was 25 years old, and had two children from a previous relationship. Her name gets added to a tragically ever increasing list of domestic violence murders, two children lose a mother and their lives will be affected forever, and for other family members, friends and colleagues they too have lost a loved one.

It is about time we perhaps moved away from the academia or theories of what we think is domestic violence, but go back to grass roots level and start listening and I mean really listening to the victims and survivors of domestic violence and asking them what support, what help and what assistance they need – without all the red tape, and lets start making a difference”

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