Posted on March 26, 2013 by Tina Royles

Media focus on Rihanna in run up to Chris Browns court date

As it gets nearer to Chris Browns Court Appearance in Los Angeles on April 5th, the Media all around the world are focusing their attentions on Rihanna, some press comments are suggesting that she is heading for a meltdown, others are criticising her for getting back with the singer who was convicted of an assault on her four years ago.

Whatever the comments, Rihanna is someone in the public eye who sadly is having her vulnerability exposed to the world. A person does not choose to be a victim of domestic violence they find themselves engulfed in a relationship which is often loving and caring, and then hair line cracks; often subtle in nature at first start to appear, some try to fix these cracks while they are small, but there are other internal and external factors that will all play an intrinsic part in whether the cracks become deeper and wider, and in turn if left or the wrong treatment is sought/applied then the cracks can affect the foundations not solely within the relationship, but a persons self esteem, belief system, values, their confidence, and things begin to tumble down around them – and sadly this is what I see happening with many victims of domestic violence – their world falls apart, and what they don’t need is to be criticised or judged, what helps a victim of domestic violence come through such an ordeal is the support, and empathy of those around them directly and indirectly – because domestic violence can and does happen to anyone regardless of their age, gender, nationality, education, sexuality, ethnicity, status, class, religion, culture, ability, race, disability, knowledge, experience, profession, or the fact that they are a celebrity etc…and who knows who it might affect next!

Lets hope Rihanna gets all the support that she may need from all those around her in order to help her through this difficult and testing time; and I’d like to echo this message to anyone going through such difficulties.

For anyone struggling in a domestic violence relationship, or for anyone who has already left a domestic violence relationship who is struggling to deal with the traumatic impact that this relationship has had on you, or for anyone who is a perpetrator who would like to change their behaviour but is finding it difficult to do so, or for those seeking relationship counselling then why not take your first steps today and begin the process of counselling.
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