Posted on October 25, 2012 by Tina Royles

It the was clear to see on Saturday night the impact that Domestic Violence still has on X Factor sensation Jahmene Douglas, he is a very anxious and vulnerable young man; who has relied on his love for singing as his coping mechanism.

News had broken earlier that day of how Jahmene’s mother has suffered years of domestic violence from Jahmene’s father, resulting in a horrific incident in 2002.
Jahmene has voiced that he will use his new found profile to raise awareness of domestic violence, and it appears from the article link below that his mother is also following suit, raising awareness and also attempting to raise funds for Women’s Aid who provided refuge accommodation for victims and children of domestic violence who need emergency accommodation.

As a former trustee of two women’s aid refuges and as a former police domestic violence officer who worked very closely with women’s aid, I know only too well of their plight of constantly seeking funding for such as serious and vital services.
Lets hope the profile of women’s aid is raised sufficiently once more, in order that financial support is gained on a more permanent basis to help other victims of domestic violence who so desperately need the refuges spaces.

My thoughts go out to Jahmene, his mother and the rest of his family, and also to other victims of domestic violence who suffer at the hands of violent and abusive partners and parents.

For specialist domestic violence counselling contact Selyor Therapy Centre on 01244 760113 or through our website to see the services available.

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