Posted on October 25, 2012 by Tina Royles

I watched this documentary earlier this week, which highlighted the Domestic Violence Story of Tina Nash; who suffered horrific injuries at the hands of her partner whom she was trying to break up with.

The story is a constant reminder of the difficulties and dangers victims of domestic violence face when they have made the decision to leave, they are in a vulnerable position and need all the support they can get from friend and family and in particular the authorities.

Channel 4 Dispatches have been groundbreaking in their documentaries over the last 15 years in relation to domestic violence reaching audiences that many campaigns to raise awareness cannot reach, this was another vital documentary with a sobering message.

Tina Nash, and many other victims of domestic violence have pledged to raise the awareness of domestic violence, and to help other victims, but we must all do our bit, we will never end domestic violence completely, especially the first incidence of it, but together working in partnership, not under the lead of a monopoly, we can and should improve services and resources for victims, children, perpetrators and other family members affected by it directly or indirectly.

But lets not constantly try and reinvent the wheel, good practice has been around for the last twenty years, there are no new reasons for domestic violence, it is the abuse of power and control on another, yes there are aggravating factors such as alcohol, drugs, financial difficulties, stress, witnessing DV as a child, but these are not the cause of the violence and abuse.

If agencies continue to work together in partnerships through domestic violence multi agency forums, and progress with joint initiatives to meet the needs raised within their locality, then projects have a chance of continuing where successful, if agencies work in isolation, or monopolies are set up then each are at odds with each other and are battling over the funding available and that means inconsistent services for those involved.

For specialist domestic violence counselling contact Selyor Therapy Centre on 01244 760113 or visit the website for details of domestic violence services

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