Posted on October 17, 2012 by Tina Royles

What an honour it is to have been asked by Women’s Own Magazine as part of their 80 year birthday edition dated 22nd October 2012 feature on “80 years that have changed our lives” to comment on the 1990’S Say no to domestic violence.

Women’s Own have a massive audience, therefore for them to incorporate domestic violence into their feature shows how important the issue of domestic violence is, and also what great steps – life changing steps have been made in trying to address such a complex issue, however we still need to do more, and I for one will keep driving forward to make a difference and to raise awareness for those involved to seek the help that they need.

See the feature below:


Tina Royles Domestic Violence Expert comment in Women’s Own Magazine


Tina Royles Domestic Violence Expert comments on 1990’s Say no to domestic violence


Womens Own: 80 years that have changed our lives

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