Posted on September 18, 2012 by Tina Royles

Vogue Hommes International Magazine front cover has lead to an outcry amongst domestic violence and women’s rights advocacy groups as the front cover shows two models; one woman and one male on first glance in a supposedly provocative sexual pose, but once your eyes focus it shows the male standing behind the woman with his left hand grasping her left breast with his right arm coming up underneath her right arm with his right hand clutching her neck as if in a choking position with his eyes closed appearing to lick her left ears in a sexual manner as if receiving sexual gratification from the whole episode.

The woman’s eyes are open, and her expression appears cold and distant as if not experiencing any enjoyment from the episode.

So what are domestic violence and women’s rights groups voicing about the front cover of this exclusive magazine…well this is what they are accusing the magazine of `glorifying violence against women as an act of love`, and also suggesting `Choking is not a fashion statement, and certainly not something that should be used to sell magazines`

Click on the link here to see the front cover for yourself and let me know your opinion or thoughts?