Posted on March 25, 2011 by Tina Royles

I’ve just read this week’s edition of the Cheshire Chronicle which comments on the Knowles case which is currently being heard at the inquest in Chester.

This is obviously a sad case for all involved, and for me it highlights a number of issues and questions:

Domestic Violence – There had been a previous incident where the wife had suffered black eyes and an occasion where the husband had also threatened to harm his wife. Did she seek help regarding the domestic violence? What help is out there? There are many organisations which can help with domestic violence, and that help can range from providing information, assisting with safety plans, advice, support, and counselling.

Anger – The husband had previous history of attempted murder (whilst in a previous relationship he stabbed and tried to suffocate a male who had been having an affair with his then partner). He was jailed for this crime but what help did he receive in prison in relation to his anger and jealousy? Did he receive any help? The coroner has described him `as a man in obvious turmoil` with `a darker side` and a `fiery temper`.  Anger is within us all, some individuals have learnt to deal with anger and have found ways to release particularly through activities such as sport, some might dismiss the emotions and try to carry on, but often unless its dealt with, the anger bubbles away until it comes up to the surface and can overflow. Anger Management not only explores with the individual what is behind the anger, it looks at how the anger might be managed.

Chester Chronicle Article

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