I’d like to introduce myself to you; I’m Tina Royles and I am a Relationship Specialist, and a qualified Psychotherapist.

I am an expert in the field of domestic violence, and an educator, trainer, and media contact. I am a successful business woman, founder and director of a private therapy practice specialising in relationship difficulties, and also domestic violence. In relation to the issues around domestic violenceĀ I am regularly featured in national and international media commenting on both high profile and celebrity cases.

I am also founder and director of an investigation, case-building and emotional support business (Royles Ltd) which reviews cases that have been failed by the police, crown prosecution service, immigration, tribunals, medical authorities, family and divorce courts, together with gathering evidence and building cases to either progress with private prosecutions, or hand over as a done for you package to present to the appropriate authority/representative.

My current websites are: www.royles.org and www.selyortherapycentre.com

You can also connect with me via the following social media platforms:
Twitter is: @tina_royles
Facebook: Tina Royles MA

I have built up over two decades worth of experience, knowledge and insights having been a former police officer dealing with traumatic incidents; who went on to specialise within the police in the area of domestic violence. Additional specialist roles within the police included working with victims of serious sexual assaults as well as families affected by serious traumatic incidents and murders, and being a grievance advisor, and also a welfare officer.

I was a highly respected police officer, dealing with domestic violence in a professional capacity, who became a victim herself.

I’m passionate about helping others, and have written a number of resources and materials to enable others to be in a more informed place to get the help and support they need:

My passion is to help individuals and families who have experienced, and are still experiencing the impact, effect and trauma of what is known as domestic violence and abuse. Helping them to negotiate their way through the difficulties, and begin to ‘repair, recover and rebuild.

I have been there and can empathise with the damaging affects and turmoil it creates.

Having the right and appropriate individuals around you to support and guide you through the process, can make all of the difference as to how long it takes to ‘repair, recover, and rebuild’ not only your identity, but your life.

Just remember ‘it is not you…it can happen to anyone of us, at any point in our lives’

Having come out of a violent and abusive relationship over two decades ago, I thought I’d rebuilt my life robust enough to weather any storm that might present in the future. However life often presents us with a rollercoaster of emotions to negotiate through…but with each new obstacle and challenge ‘we’ assess, review, and being the process of writing a new chapter in our lives that is stronger, better, brighter, and more successful than the previous…
Why not follow my progress on this website to see the metaphorical ‘repair, recover, and rebuild’ project taking place. (Watch this space)

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Royles Ltd, provides Case-building, Investigation, and Emotional Support on a variety of issues including domestic violence, and divorce.

As I like to keep active and on my toes I am currently a Doctoral Research Student at the University of Chester. My research is on: Success, Relationships & Entrepreneurs.

In addition I have written a number of articles around the issues of Domestic Violence, Divorce, Entrepreneurs, and Business

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Outside of my police experience my knowledge and skill set was enhanced through my roles as a former Trustee for two women’s aid refuges; being a Chair and Coordinator of domestic violence forums and also being the Manager of a domestic violence voluntary perpetrator programme.

In addition to practical, managerial and strategic experience and knowledge from a professional capacity, I has accrued further academic qualifications such as a Masters in Relationship Therapy, a University Advanced Diploma in Couples Counselling and additional diplomas in Domestic Violence Studies, Anger Management and Stress Management.

Why not get in touch, and we can explore how I my be able to help, guide, and support you or someone you love…